Vaccines are Safe, Effective and Save Lives.

But they only work when people have access to them and choose to take them. The safe development and delivery of vaccines to the public is also an investment in the health, well-being and economic success of our country.

That’s why Kentucky’s family physicians are taking proactive steps to help ensure that our patients, and especially our seniors, are informed about the importance, efficacy and safety of vaccines and can access these lifesaving treatments.

Kentucky’s Family Physicians Play an Important Role in Protecting Public Health.

Family physicians are a cornerstone of our state’s health care system and are committed to the wellbeing of our patients.

We are also frontline health care workers, delivering critical care and treatment to some of Kentucky’s most vulnerable patients every day in communities across the Commonwealth. And we’re here for you in the communities where you live and work.

Why Do Immunizations Matter?

Immunizations are the safest, most effective line of defense against disease for all Kentuckians, and especially for older individuals and those with chronic conditions who are more at risk for adverse effects from vaccine preventable diseases.

By minimizing the spread of dangerous and often deadly diseases, vaccines also help to reduce hospitalizations and other potentially avoidable health care expenses. Vaccines help keep our families safe, our workplaces productive and our kids in school. If you have questions about vaccines or your personal risk for disease, always consult your family physician.

Increasing Access to Vaccines for Kentucky Seniors is Critical for Public Health.

The Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians supports policies that make it easier and more affordable for seniors to access vaccines. That’s why we’re advocating for the Protecting Seniors Through Immunizations Act (HR1978/S912) to ensure seniors covered by Medicare Part D have access to the vaccines they need free of burdensome copays and cost-sharing requirements. Congress is considering this important legislation right now and we need your help to encourage its passage! 

Removing financial barriers for seniors will help increase vaccination rates among one of our most vulnerable populations and decrease health care costs for seniors by preventing avoidable diseases. Please join us in encouraging Kentucky’s leaders in Washington, D.C. to support the Protecting Seniors Through Immunizations Act!