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This project is supported in part by SAMHSA Grant 1H79TI080264-01 awarded to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

The online CME program is sponsored by the Kentucky Opioid Response Effort who have partnered with the Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians to provide training on SBIRT.

 Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners in the counties shown below can earn up to four hours of free CME from SAMHSA and 4.5 HB-1 CME from KBML. 

If you are an Opioid prescriber, taking this course will help you identify patients who are at risk for addiction, so they can choose more appropriate medications as treatment, prevent adverse consequences that might lead to complaints from patients &/or community members about controlled substance prescribing.

SBIRT is reimbursed by private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare. Appropriate billing codes along with other information are available in the references below.

Research shows that more people die every year from opioid/multidrug overdose rather than motor vehicle accidents. Substance abuse results in over 100,000 deaths annually and costs the public over $600 billion. With over 1.5 million patients screened since 2003, SBIRT is working.

Be sure to listen to Dr. Molly Rutherford’s Podcast below to learn more!

  • Screen patients for substance abuse
  • Conduct brief interventions, or
  • Ongoing brief therapy within our primary care offices and,
  • Refer patients, when necessary, who need specialized treatment to our behavioral health colleagues.
Learn More About SBIRT

If you practice in one of these KY counties, you are eligible to take this FREE ONLINE SBIRT course and receive 4 hours of CME and 4.5 HB-1 CME from KBML. Taking the SBIRT course and implementing it within our practice will allow us to do what we do best; we can increase prevention and intervention. SBIRT  addresses the gap prior service systems overlooked: at-risk populations.  SBIRT is an evidence-based tool that allows for physicians or other staff members within a practice to implement 4 steps. 

All Primary Care Providers

  • Training for Primary Care Providers, Step by Step Approach. Complete at your own pace, at your own time.
  • 4 CME from the SAMHSA
  • Approved for KBML 4.5 HB1 CME
  • Free for Eligible KY Counties
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